U.S. Soldier Makes Trash to Toys: Uses Them To Inspire and Connect With People

via Valero’s Etsy shopvia Valero’s Etsy shop


I think a man in uniform is captivating. A man in uniform, who can make toys out of found items and then uses them to inspire people is amazingly captivating! This is exactly what Private First Class Rupert Valero does and so he is. 

Private First Class Rupert Valero has a fascination with action figures. He's been collecting them for several years. With an engineering past and a passion for action figures he uses his time off in Afghanistan to perfect his toys and also make his own. To make his own he collects found material available to him at the time: bottle caps, deodorant containers, soda cans and so on.

Take a look at his Flickr stream (link below) of handmade eco-friendly toys. You will notice his knack for turning trash into colorful and joyful treasures. In an extensive interview by Dr. Nightmare at Articulated Discussion he mentions that his wife is extremely supportive of his hobby and that his work has inspired others to be creative too. They toys also bring smiles to Afghan children.

Find more pictures of his trash to toy art on Flickr stream. Interested in buying one? Find a few of his trash to toys at Valero's Etsy shop here


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Apr 26, 2012
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