US To Get Some VW Diesel Action!

Volkswagen offers an amazingly diverse array of powerplants for their vehicles. Sadly, the North American continent doesn't get to see many of the more exciting options due to different standards. That is set to change however, because VW has confirmed they will be building a plant stateside that will produce diesel engines.

Building the new plant will make it possible for Volkswagen to take advantage of the growing interest in more fuel efficient diesel platforms. Not that we have been asking for them or anything...

The plant will produce 2 different sedan models that will mimic vehicles currently in production. The first will be a lower cost version of the new Passat that will be in the same category as the Camry and Accord. The other will be a Jetta based platform to run with the Civic.

There is also a chance that some of the newest hybrid electric diesel drive trains will be produced in the new plant, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The factory will be located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is expected to being rolling VWs off the line as early as February 2011.

Hat Tip: Motor Authority