US Warns Against Self Driving Cars

Google Self Driving CarGoogle Self Driving Car

The self driving car is something that has been on many inventors' mind for a long time now, and in recent years that has slowly started to become a reality thanks to the Google's self driving car project. From a single project a few years ago, now states have started to pass laws in order to allow these driverless vehicles to actually run on normal roads. There are quite a few of these cars in active testing, and together they have driven thousands of hours almost flawlessly.

But now, the US government is trying to put a break on this new industry. In a recent report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a set of recommendations about these vehicles. In them, they urge states to be very careful in allowing these types of vehicles. For now, the US believes that these cars should be limited to testing only, and that several strict procedures should be employed. Among the changes wanted, the vehicles would need to include a way for a user to take control in the case of a malfunction, and a way for the vehicle to break whenever a problem is encountered. A licensed driver should always be at the wheel and ready to take control.

The report says that self driving cars have not proven themselves to be made available to the general public yet, and the NHTSA will start a four year testing program to try and improve these types of vehicles. The government will revisit this issue as the technology advances, but for now, it seems like we may not see these vehicles for sale for some time yet.