USB to AC Wall Outlet Adapters Tap the Grid, Not Your Laptop

Eneplug USB-to-AC wall outlet adapters from Green House of Japan let any plug provide power to your electronic lifestyle devices. Anything from iPhones and iPods to MP3 players and even your USB Eyelash Curler can get hooked to the grid, so forget about flipping your laptop's lid!

Sorry foreign techies, the GH-ACC-USB Series is rated at 5V/0.6A and works only with Japanese AC100V power grids. One supposes you could use a voltage/outlet travel adapter to adapt your USB adapter to your domestic grid but be sure your smoke alarms are in working order before you make that kind of hook-up.

Speaking of travel, the GH-ACC-USB adapter is in its element when you're traveling and don't happen to have your PC or laptop computer by your side. Charging or powering your lifestyle electronic devices by USB is still doable, as long as you've got a handy wall outlet within reach.



Choose from white, black, yellow, green, orange or pink to match your preference and/or your previously selected phone & player skins. The the GH-ACC-USB adapter comes with a manufacturer's 6-month warranty but as it has no moving parts, it should last a lot longer than that. 

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