USB Beer Can Ultrasonic Humidifier Puts Mist In Your Mug

How dry I am? How wet you'll be, with this faux frosty beer can moistening the breeze just inches away. Fill it up, plug it in and Prosit - start drinking in great tasting, less filling humidified air.

Greenhouse actually does a nice job in disguising their USB humidifier as a genuine German beer can, starting with the name on the can: Grunhaus, with an umlaut yet! The fine print declares it to be a "clear taste humidifier" and there's even a small recycling graphic on the side.


The can is just under 5 inches tall (122 mm) and holds 4.73 fluid ounces (140 ml) of water. Snuggled inside the can are the ultrasonic vaporizer and a water-absorbent sponge, on the outside you'll find the USB attachment cable and adapter.

Once filled up & plugged into your computer's USB port, a gentle white mist will begin to emanate from the "pull tab" area on top of the can. Just in case you're gone for an overly long liquid lunch, the humidifier will automatically shut itself off after 2 hours.

Greenhouse will be releasing their USB Beer Can Humidifier in late November of 2009 and the price is expected to be 3,480 yen (about $38) each, plus shipping. (via Impress Watch)