USB Big Mouse Makes Other Computer Mice Seem Inadequate

As computers and cellphones have gotten smaller, other peripheral devices have grown. OK, one has: the USB Big Mouse from Brando Workshop. This is a mouse on steroids, a macho manly mouse, the Mother of All Mice, the... suffice to say it's a larger than life mouse that functions exactly like any other mouse. Except it's bigger.

The USB Big Mouse is big, yeah yeah yeah! It's not small, no no no! How big is it, you ask with saucer-sized eyes? Brando has helpfully provided images of the USB Big Mouse alongside an Apple iPhone. The 175mm (7-inch) long USB Big Mouse makes the 115mm (4.6-inch) long iPhone look positively minute. 

Not only is the USB Big Mouse, long, it's wide as well. Once again whipping out (gasp!) our trusty though petite iPhone, we observe that the USB Big Mouse trumps it by 105mm (just over 4 inches) to a mere 59mm (2.3 inches). That's almost twice as wide. Sorry, iPhone, maybe you've got an app for that or perhaps you can slip into a jumbo protective case... snicker.


If we compare mano a mano, er, mouso a mouso, the popular Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse is even narrower than the iPhone at a piddling 56mm (2.25 inches). How cute, heh! Oh, there's more: the USB Big Mouse incorporates a ghostly blue LED that emits badass blue light at night. You thought IBM was "Big Blue"? Think again, my leetle friend.

OK, enough click-waving and on with the stats. The USB Big Mouse is an optical mouse using Movement Detection Technology for high accuracy and reliability. It weighs a hefty 175 grams or 6.17 ounces. That's an ounce heavier than the new Third Pounder burgers from McDonalds, making the USB Big Mouse one beefy bruiser indeed.

Looking to beef up your desktop with a mouse that doesn't look like it fell in the pool? Sure you do, Costanza, and Brando Workshop won't shrink like a frightened turtle when you land on their website. They go for $20 each... that's twenty big ones.