USB Christmas Tree Brings Holiday Cheer to Your Desktop

Celebrate digital Xmas 2011.0 with the USB Christmas Tree from Japan's Thanko! The tiny tinsel-trimmed tannenbaum merrily glows with fiber optic lighting powered by your PC or laptop computer. 

Considering how much time many of us spend huddled over an LCD screen it's a wonder we don't miss Christmas entirely. As it 'tis the season whether you realize it or not, Thanko has come up with a compact way to bring holiday cheer to your field of peripheral vision: a peripheral imitation Christmas tree powered by USB!

Standing 110 × 110 × 280 mm high (that's 4.4 by 11.2 inches for you non-metric holdouts) and topped with a gold star, the USB Christmas Tree pales in comparison to the real (and spectacular) conifers co-opted for Rockefeller Center and the White House but plunked onto your cramped, crowded desktop just inches from your eyes it looks mighty fine indeed. 

The tree attaches to your PC or laptop's USB 1.0/2.0 interface via an included 150mm (6”) cable; avoiding seeing it is virtually impossible. The fiber optic lighting is relatively subdued, however, and won't distract you from your work, games, or other internet browsing activities that best remain unmentioned.

Looking to Xmas-up your homely home office, stuffy study cubby or grim office cubicle? “Yule” love the USB Christmas Tree: all the appearance of the holiday season without the messy dropped needles, sticky dripping sap or sinus-clearing piney aroma... suck on a Halls, Vicks or Altoids and you're in like Flint! Thanko is offering this USB “tree point oh” for just 780 yen or around 10 bucks each. Cheap indeed, as if the 2-week warranty didn't already tip you off.

Update: This exact item is not available in the U.S., but Amazon has a wide selection of USB Christmas Trees here.

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Dec 11, 2011
by Anonymous

Great Idea for Picnics

Love this idea!!