USB Cooler Mouse... It's The Cooler Mouse

USB Cooler Mouse Beats the Heat with a Fan in HandUSB Cooler Mouse Beats the Heat with a Fan in Hand
The USB Cooler Mouse really blows... and I mean that in a good way. Well OK, I mean it literally – 5 buttons and an adjustable on-board fan make this multitasking mouse as cool as it gets!

If you want to be the office Cool Hand Luke, then you're gonna need a cooler mouse... actually, The USB Cooler Mouse, from Thanko of Japan's Rare Mono Shop. Yes, the gadget maker known for the forced-air seat cushion, USB necktie and the like, is happy to introduce the world's first air conditioned mouse.

We all know that nothing slows down office productivity like a slippery, sweaty mouse. Indeed, you're probably worried about your own peripherals as global warming wreaks its insidious effects on the office environment.

Well stop worrying – no need to work up a sweat worrying about working up a sweat when Thanko puts the solution right in your hot little hand. Or left in your hand, for those of the sinister persuasion.

In any case, let's get down to brass tacks. The USB Cooler Mouse incorporates a tiny little fan that wafts a constant breeze across your palm, keeping it comfortably dry and ready to shake the boss's congratulatory hand. The fan even can be adjusted to cope with varying levels of humidity, or humility if you're the type of guy/gal who always strives to be super cool.

The USB Cooler Mouse isn't just a one trick pony either – it boasts not 2, or 3, but FIVE buttons with which to exercise your newfound sure-handedness. Want Thanko to hand it over? OK then – wipe yourself down and navigate to the Rare Mono Shop website. Oh, you'll also need 1,980 yen (about $18.95) plus the ability to read Japanese.

And, for those of you who got all hot & bothered when I mentioned that this mouse really blows, don't be too disappointed... I'm sure the creative geeks at Thanko are working on that!