USB Drives For The Photography Buffs: Say Cheese And Plug It In

Over the years, I've accumulated my fair share of USB flash drives in a varied mix of sizes and capacities. For one, I kept misplacing the thin, 2.5-inch devices. Second, I kept buying them as they came out with increasing capacities (128 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, then 8GB) and you never can have enough portable storage devices, can you? At least that's what I think so.

So when I saw these quirky, photography-related USB flash drives, I just had to share them with you guys. Because most fancy flash drives I found were more bulky while offering a smaller capacity than the normal, boring ones, I never have much of them (except for a Coca Cola USB drive which was a gift from my dear sister.)

Canon 5D Mark II USB Drive

If you're a photography buff then you're probably already familiar with the Mark series of DSLR cameras from Canon. Want to get one for a hundred bucks? Then get the Canon 5D Mark II flash drive. Course it can't take photographs but at least you've got a pretty darned good-looking miniature Canon to flaunt. Even if it is just a USB drive.

It can store 4 GB worth of data while looking picture perfect.

You can find the Canon 5D Mark II flash drive on: eBay

Canon Digital IXUS 200 Flash Drive

If you're more of a point-and-shoot type of person, then the Canon Digital IXUS 200 is for you. Here's the catch: it's still a USB drive but it looks like the real thing, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, it's not really up for sale as Canon was reportedly just giving it away at some press events a few years ago.

35mm Film USB Drive

Let's go back in time before the digital age, when you had to load your camera up with some film and actually spend a few hours in the dark room to develop your pictures. Miss those times? If you do, then wade into some nostalgia with these 35 mm film USB flash drives, each with a capacity of 4 GB. If you've got fewer files to stow away, then there's also a 2 GB version of it. 

Check out the 35mm film flash drive here: Etsy