USB Eyelash Curler Brings Beauty To The Geek

Thanko, the king of USB devices, continues on their noble quest to power everything and anything through your computer's USB port. The latest entry is the humble eyelash curler. While most men would look upon what is essentially a miniaturized curling iron with unadulterated horror, to the fairer sex it's just one more tool in their arsenal of beautocracy.

Heater eyelash curlers can be cumbersome but not this one - it's made to be compact and portable, measuring just 6 by 1.5  by 1 inch(es), or 150mm x 37mm x 23mm for you metric folks. Anywhere you and your comp go, it can go, ensuring your eyelashes and by extension, you, are always at the peak of attractiveness.

The USB heater eyelash curler can also be operated on 2 AAA batteries (not included) in case your laptop gives up the ghost or is about to expire with that critical presentation still unfinished. Very thoughtful, Thanko, thank you! (via Geek Stuff 4 U)

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