USB Fishquarium Makes Office Life Feel A Little Less Like Drowning

From the crazy brains at ThinkGeek comes the USB Fishquarium - a way to make your tiny office cubicle suck just a little less.

The team over at ThinkGeek is known for wacky USB gadgets that increase office-related hilarity, and with the USB Fishquarium they've found a way to get around all of those sucky regulations that prohibit you from having anything remotely personal in your workspace.

Behind the Fishquarium lies the idea that, well, workplaces tend to frown when you use their power outlets from something other than copiers, fax machines or water coolers. Some supervisors get downright furious when nearly comatose employees try to spice up their work environs with lamps, music players, or other forms of health and happiness.

So, ThinkGeek went ahead and smashed the utility of a pen/calculator/scissors holder together with the basic functionality of a clock and then smacked a fishtank onto the side of it, complete with pump and lighting. Great, huh?

The whole thing works off of the USB power of your computer, and requires no other outside anything, meaning that your boss can take a hike and maybe get off of your case for a day.

There are a couple things to bear in mind before you rush off and order one, however. The first is that the tank isn't very large - we're talking about room for a couple of fish, max, in there. The second is that you must actually feed the fish. Your computer does not power them, and they do not want to eat the Doritos you brought for lunch. Fish food and periodic tank cleaning are a must.

With that said, this is a nifty little gadget for anyone who wants to change up their workspace and lower their productivity by watching pretty fish swim around all day. You can get the Fishquarium here.

Source: ThinkGeek