USB Flash Drive Cufflinks Store Information, Broadcast Your Coolness To The World

The technology of fashion is continually evolving, and it was only a matter of time before it went high-class. Enter USB flash drive cufflinks by Ravi Ratan, two squares of solid coolness that would make even James Bond sit up and take notice.


Available in white, gold, and ever-stylish gunmetal, these little links each conceal a 2gb USB flash drive that allows you to store an important presentation, state secrets, or embarrassing pictures from your best friend’s stag party that he hoped you’d deleted long ago.


Let’s be honest here. You’re not James Bond, and you likely won’t be smuggling the secrets of the LECTER decoding machine out of the remnants of Mother Russia. That doesn’t invalidate the coolness of having 2 gigs of storage on each wrist, however, all concealed in a smooth and shiny package.

Stylish Cufflinks, Stylish BoxStylish Cufflinks, Stylish Box


Without removing them from their protective casings, there’s no way anyone would even suspect that these fashionable bits of suit attire would be anything but what they seem to be, and that’s where their sweet technological goodness combined with slick fashionality bears fruit. The best part of “spy stuff” is that it looks nothing like “spy stuff” – it’s all about concealment and misdirection. These cuffs are stylish and as classy as can be, leaving only you, the British government and the sexy partner you’ve teamed up with – but that has questionable loyalty – in the know.


They’re an interesting idea, and follow the current trend of clothing and accessories that are being imbued with the stamp of technology – items like jackets with Personal Area Networks (PANs) and the new (and actually stylish) 3D gaming glasses come to mind.


What’s also interesting is the price tag. At $195 for a pair, they’re not cheap, but they do serve a useful function and manage to look stylish doing it, a feat few of us can claim we’ve ever managed.


They’re also engraveable for an extra $8 fee, but we’d recommend that you stay away from things like “MI-6” or “SUPRSPY”. Really, aren’t you cool enough already? (See USB Cufflinks)


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