USB Foot Warmer Hedgehog Slippers Keep Office Workers' Tootsies Toasty

With Japan's power conservation drive in full swing and office thermostats being turned lower nationwide, workplace environments are giving women staffers and executives cold feet... literally.

Office dress codes (formal or not) continue to keep ladies in skirts and dresses, and though they'd surely love to bring their comfy, cozy, fluffy plush bunny slippers from home, the ensuing fashion faux pas will likely never be lived down.

JTT Online Shop has a solution of sorts: great big hedgehog-shaped slippers that plug into the user's computer or laptop via a USB cable! We're not sure how clumping around the executive suite in these things is any different than doing so in your bodacious bunny slippers but JTT has done their market research, as you'll soon learn.

The so-called "Hedge Hot USB” slippers are sold singly for 2,980 yen (about $38.25) or in pairs for 3,980 yen ($51) per set – bargain! We presume the reason for the one- or two-slipper option is the whole “clumping around the office” thing: those who can't get away with it simply keep one slipper plugged in and stowed safely out of sight under their desk.

With such things in mind, each slipper is designed wide enough to accommodate two petite female feet, or one foot each for ambulatory types. You can also mix & match the sets: buy sand-hued Brothers, pastel pink Sisters, or one of each to make a Couple... awww.

JTT Online Shop also offers a 780 yen ($10), black or white USB-to-AC adapter so you can power up your slippers from a wall electrical outlet. However way you slice it, “Hedge Hot USB” slippers are a neat way to keep the heat on your feet while boppin' to the business beat! 

Update:  The Hedge Hog Heated Slippers are now available in the US on Amazon here.

Hedgehog Foot Warming SlippersHedgehog Foot Warming Slippers


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