USB Memory Clothespin Holds Data, Laundry

Meet the world's most high-tech clothespin! Those bored with JPEG and MPEG can now save their data in cool retro style with the USB clothes peg from Japan's Solid Alliance.

Solid Alliance calls this wooden wonder the "USB PEG Memory", or just "USBPEG" for short. Curiously, the company's product page doesn't indicate either the memory capacity of the flash drive nor the selling price. It's likely, however, that the USBPEG is similar to the Polish Spinacz flash drive that holds 1GB of data and sells for 25 Euros. YMMV, as always.

We ARE talking low-tech here and for retro-fans fancy specs aren't the prime consideration. As Kenny Rogers once said, "It's the wood that makes it good" and besides, the USB PEG is still a humble clothespin at heart.

Use it to hold memos and business cards, unleash it to grip reams of office documents like a big fat paper clip, even to hold your laundry on the clothesline - this is one square peg that fits a number of different-shaped holes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The USB Clothespin holds 4GB of data and sells for less than $10 on Amazon here.

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