USB Mosquito Repellant Great for Backcountry Nerds

If you're an obsessive computer user that simply can't leave home without a laptop or netbook, even in the great outdoors, there's a good chance that you're also a a big, pastey-white entree just beckoning swarms of blood-sucking insects every time you step foot outside. And you're so busy updating your Facebook profile, that you won't even notice when the mosquitoes begin tearing into every square inch of exposed flesh. At least not for a day or two.

So whether you're out at a ball game, campsite or simply enjoying a little outdoor computing on a nice early-September evening, you should always remain mindful of protecting yourself from insects. With that in mind, you could shower yourself in bug spray--always an unattractive option when you're just briefly sitting outside-- or choke on the thick fumes of the insect repelling candle or torch--another unattractive solution. Finally, you could make use of the very object of your obsession and plug in a USB-based electronic mosquito repellant. Now you're thinking. 

Proving that pretty much anything can be tossed in a USB drive, the USB Ultrasonic Mosquito Pest Repeller bombards pests with ultrasonic frequencies to repel away those insects and give you an uninterrupted evening of outdoor Web browsing. It has a range of 1.5 square meters. The product page also promises to provide a "clean living or office environment", though I don't know how many mosquitoes the average cubicle suffers from.

As someone who was recently subjected to a rather fierce, coordinated mosquito attack, despite walking around reeking of OFF, I'm all for any product that offers a cleaner solution to mosquitoes. Whether this one actually works or not remains a mystery, but for $5.69, it wouldn't hurt to find out (though it might itch something awful). Unfortunately, it's on back order right now, and since mosquito season is dwindling, you may want to save this buy for next spring.

Uxsight via Coolest Gadgets