USB Necktie 2, New & Improved Neckwear for Summer 2008

Cool off in the office with new & improved USB Necktie 2Cool off in the office with new & improved USB Necktie 2


Remember the original USB Necktie? Anyone brave enough to wear that sad, pallid, humming thing soon had thoughts of looping it over the nearest rafter. Even the motley clip-on I keep in my glove compartment in case of an emergency formal occasion, funeral or court appearance looks better.

Yep, the original USB Necktie was so exceptionally awful that I'm guessing it was the reason Japan's government passed its "Cool Biz" legislation, freeing government officials and office workers from wearing neckties in summer altogether.

Well, Thanko wasn't going to hang their heads - or anything else - in shame. Besides, they almost busted the R&D budget cramming a fan into a faux necktie knot the first time around and, like I said, the basic concept was sound. So it is that just in time for summer 2008, Thanko offers us the USB Necktie Cooler 2. New, improved and best of all it's a normal hue instead of gag-inducing toad belly gray.

Other improvements include a convenient on/off switch built into the connecting cable and an optional shirt-pocket battery pack you can plug into whenever you feel like strolling over to chat up the receptionist. You can bet she'll be mighty impressed, as will the TSA should you try to keep cool while going through airport security - nothing like a small black box sprouting wires to liven up everyone's day.

Want a USB Necktie Cooler 2, even after reading this article? Well, visit Thanko's Rare Mono Shop online and prepare to fork over 2,980 yen (about $28) plus shipping. Goodbye hot sweaty neck, hello cool geek adoration!

Aug 4, 2008
by Anonymous

Great concept, but it lacks in what it can do

I like the idea, but come on ... cooling the spot on my neck behind my tie just isn't enough to cool me down.

Now let's advance this to underwear. Ya, that's it ... underwear that cools your crotch.

Now that is something I'd buy!