USB Liquid Mouse Features Funny Floating Friends

The pet that's all wet!The pet that's all wet!
If the thought of a Liquid Mouse takes you back to that shockingly funny SNL Bass-o-Matic sketch, relax - Thanko is all about CUTE and their line of USB Optical Liquid mice (yes, there are 4) harms no animals in the making.

C'mon... this isn't cute?C'mon... this isn't cute?
An optical computer mouse isn't very space efficient because it has to fit the human hand. This leaves plenty of room for design innovation and Thanko has gone all out, creating a mini aquarium in the back of the mouse which holds one of four cute critters!

Choose from a duckling, a frog, a seal or a penguin - if you can! Your funny floating friend needs no feeding and it won't grow - well, it'll probably grow on YOU as time goes by. Betcha you're thinking up a pet name for yours right now!

Exquisite Japanese wrapping - of course!Exquisite Japanese wrapping - of course!
Thanko, ever thoughtful, also offers their USB Optical Liquid mice prettily gift wrapped and can mail to either yourself or an appreciative giftee. Each USB Optical Liquid Mouse costs 1480 yen and works with operating systems running Windows 200 and above. (via Thanko Rare Mono Shop)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer