USB Plant Sensor Helps You Get A Better Green Thumb

Watching plants you broke your back to put into the ground die can be quite disheartening. You aren't sure why they died, either. Were the growing conditions not right? Did you put in the wrong type of plant for your climate? A nifty little USB device can help address these questions - the EasyBloom Plant Sensor.

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor, on sale through, has a built-in sensor which monitors a variety of conditions when you put it into the earth. These include sunlight, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and drainage. The data it collects after a day of research can then be uploaded through your computer's USB port to the EasyBloom Web site for analysis.

This plant sensor comes with two operating modes - monitor or recommend. You set the mode before putting the sensor into the ground. Data returned after analysis is different, depending upon the mode. Recommend will give you ideas on plants you can plant in your area, allowing as well for narrowing of recommendations based up various search criteria. Monitor, meanwhile, will give you ideas on what might be wrong with a sick plant nearby the sensor, with some visuals to help resolve the issue.

Other features of the EasyBloom Plant Sensor include a database of over 5,000 plants, the ability to keep inventory of your plants, recommended plant choices based upon "algorithms developed by leading plant horticulturalists and botanists" and compatibility with both Macs and PCs.


Nino Marchetti
Guest Blogger

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