USB Record Turntable Plays the Hits, Saves Them to Your PC

The Donya Direct DN-USB-TP01 is a USB-powered portable record turntable that can play 33rpm, 45rpm and even 78rpm vinyl records. Like what you're hearing? Download the included 'Audacity' software and save those blasts from the past to your PC!  

This thoughtfully designed hardware/software combo from Shanghai Donya gives audiophiles – or regular folks who still have their dusty vinyl records – a way to both play and save the music they grew up on.

The body of the player is just large enough to support the largest diameter vinyl record (33rpm albums) and includes an integral tonearm with stylus. If you end up wearing out the stylus after too much groovin' to your grooves, Shanghai Donya sells replacement styluses (styli?) separately.

The Donya Direct DN-USB-TP01 features both a USB input jack and a pair of analog Right and Left AUX audio output jacks. It also features an auto-stop function and a sliding selector for 33rpm long-playing albums, 45rpm singles and 78rpm records. Imagine some uber-cool old geezer uploading his 78's to his computer's hard drive and then to his Apple iPod... that geezer could be you!

Shanghai Donya is offering the Donya Direct DN-USB-TP01 for 3,999 yen or about $50 tax-included, which seems surprisingly reasonable.

The package includes an English-language instruction manual, an "Audacity" software CD-ROM, a USB cable and even one of those little plastic center thingies for 45rpm singles, in case you lost your squiggly yellow plastic ones all those years ago.

Jun 28, 2011
by Norm Cassian
Norm Cassian's picture

That geezer WILL be me!

Thanks for the timely tip. I was just this week determining how to salvage my thousands of relic LPs. Appreciate the information!

-Norm Cassian

Jun 30, 2011
by Anonymous

Damn. Out of all the USB

Damn. Out of all the USB Turntables I've checked out, this one is crazy compact.