USB Retro Speakers Evoke Funky Vacuum Tube Styling

Vacuum tubes... remember their creepy sunset orange glow, spooky hair-raising hum and nose-tingling ozone aroma? Well, this USB speaker from Japan's Hanwha doesn't give you any of that so dream on - and get off my lawn! What you DO get is a computer speaker that offers a hint of history and sounds that go beyond mere humming.

The Umazone brand speaker set measures 5 inches (125mm) wide by 4 inches (98mm) deep by x 3 inches (80mm) tall and features a pair of 38mm stereo speakers mounted on its underside.

An included connecting cord links up to your computer's USB 2.0 port. The 100Hz ~ 10kHz range isn't anything to write home about but hey - imagine what you'd get from an actual pre-war tube amp? What you DO get is funky retro style in the form of the US-0498/S (silver) or US-0498/B (black) finished metal case and a quartet of R2D2-ish glass faux vacuum tubes each fitted with a cool blue LED light. Golly!

If you want one of these blasts from the past (but not really), hurry on over to Japanese online retailer Rakuten and prepare to fork over 2,280 yen (around $25) plus the inevitable shipping. (via Technabob)

Jan 6, 2010
by Anonymous

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i collect blown tubes from my radio