USB Silent Desktop Fan Blows Cool, Looks Even Cooler

This USB silent desktop fan from U-Like didn't come from the future or a 1950s sci-fi flick, it just looks that way. Designed to stand without a stand, so to speak, the fan rests on its side – any side – and quietly directs air upwards where it's most wanted.

The 120mm by 120mm by 140mm fan's organic, honeycombed appearance greatly resembles that of the Aero Sphere Fan from I.D.E.A International (above, left), a 2013 Red Dot Design Award winner that's priced at around $85 and only comes in black or white.

While the slightly larger (211mm by 211mm by 271mm) Aero Sphere Fan includes an optional removable stand and an AC adapter, U-Like's version comes in a choice of six colors (orange, green, black, brick red, white and turquoise) and costs only 99 yuan... well under 20 bucks. 

U-Like makes their generically-named “Quiet Fan” model UL002 from durable ABS plastic and the USB power cord is 1.5 meters (just under 5 feet) in length. It's not manufactured via 3D printing though it does give that impression... either that, or it's the home version of the meteoric outer shell of The Blob (above) from the 1958 eponymous-ly named film, which is rather cool in and of itself.