USB Tube Clock Not Original, But Different

Going retro could be a bad thing when it comes to designing a new invention. The gadget may look or represent an idea from the past, but it’s not original. The latest product from Brando is a proven example.

Trying to revive a type of display from the 50s, the Brando USB Tube Clock is an old idea with new features. Measuring 10.5 x 28 x 7.5cm, the clock has a digital display with each digit sealed inside of what seems to be a nostalgic-looking vacuum tube. Specific details haven’t been released yet, but the tube clock counts down hours, minutes and seconds in red numbers and is powered by a USB port.

Even though it is clearly a modern fake, the Brando USB Tube Clock has a few benefits. Since it’s a different design than most clocks today, the tube clock can fit nicely on your desk or the stand next to your bed (all depends on where you want it in your lifestyle). If you constantly find yourself trying to figure out the time from a small alarm clock in the morning, rest assured the tube clock’s LED display will make things clearer.

Priced around $70 U.S., the Brando USB Tube Clock is a great addition to your lifestyle if you’re looking for something new. Just don’t expect to get away with saying it’s an “original” idea.