USB Utility Charge Tool Mimics A Pocket Knife

These days you need to have a bunch of different cords to connect all of your handheld electronics to your computer. Now you can hide all of those cords in a drawer and have all of those different USB connections at your fingertipsUSB Utility Charge ToolUSB Utility Charge Tool (or in your pocket) with this one tool. It is the Swiss Army Knife of the cyber age.

This single tool will allow you to sync and recharge your cell phone, cameras, iPhone, iPod, iPad -- pretty much all of your electronics except iPhone 5. It comes with four basic connector types: USB, mini USB, micro USB, and a 30 pin connector. Each one just flips out like the blade of a pocket knife.

The one compact unit means no more sorting through different cables to find the right one, or, if you're like me, trying to figure out where you lost the one you need most. The tool is just one inch wide and just over four inches long so that it can tuck easily inside a desk drawer, a pencil cup, your pocket, or your briefcase.

USB Utility Charge ToolUSB Utility Charge ToolBecause it comes in your choice of bright colors (pink, orange, green, or blue) you can be sure that you'll be able to see it among whatever else is in or on your desk or briefcase. 

To use just plug the USB into one of your computer's USB ports and the other into your electronic device of choice and away you go. 

Currently the USB Utility Charge Tool is available for preorder and should be available on May 20.

Sources: Cool Things, Fred Flare