USB Watch Tells The Time And Makes You Feel Like James Bond

Aside from letting you know what time it is, a lot of watches nowadays are being turned into high-tech gadgets. Some have failed because they’ve tried to drastically change the look of a watch. But others, like the following product, have succeeded by adding elegant features to one of history’s timeless inventions.


From ThinkGeek, the Hidden Flash Drive Watch keeps the stylish look the accessory is supposed to have. The stainless steel mask brushed with a silver finish gives the watch a sleek and yet stealthy secret agent look.

However, the main feature of the watch is what’s truly sneaky. The accessory has a 4GB capacity USB flash drive that’s hidden in the watch case. Since its small, it’s simple to remove and re-insert. The size could be a problem though for individuals who tend to lose small items.

To find out more information about the stealthy USB watch, you can visit's website.

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