USB Yoda On Your Computer Monitor Sits

Star Wars has given us a host of memorable characters but none perhaps as distinctive as Yoda, the nearly nine century old Grand Master Jedi and trainer of Luke Skywalker. Now USB Yoda has arrived to oversee YOUR Jedi training.

"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm?" Indeed, though USB Yoda is small enough to perch on your computer monitor, he has abilities far beyond those of an average USB gadget - at least he will, once you install the accompanying software via the included CD-ROM.

Then watch the miniature Jedi Master's firmly gripped lightsaber fire up when you type fightin' words like "Sith Vader", and see his pudgy cheeks blush when that cute receptionist walks by (and you type "Jedi Force"). The office stud, you shall be!

Your computer will need to be up to snuff before USB Yoda stryts his stuff, so be sure you're running at least Windows XP, have a Pentium Processor greater than 1GHz, and you've got more than 256MB of HDD memory to spare.

Oh, and don't forget to have a USB 2.0 port available or you risk displeasing USB Yoda and, in all likelihood, blowing any chance of meeting Slave Leia in this lifetime. 

USB Yoda can be ordered online from Japan's leading online retailer of cellphone charms, and USB Yoda is also available here in the U.S. from Amazon. Dig deep, young Jedi... why not spend now when the fate of a galaxy far, far away is on the line?


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