Use The Power Of The Wind To Get Your Skateboard Or Kayak Going

Super Skate SailSuper Skate Sail

Wind energy can be used for a number of things--providing electricity, moving boats, playing a melody on chimes, etc. With the Super Skate Sail and Super Kayak Sail, you can harness the wind to move your board or vessel.

The Super Skate Sail is just what it sounds like--a sail you hold on to while on your skatboard. This sail also works with roller blades, mountainboards, snowboards and even paddle boards. 

If you want to use the sail where it was designed to be used--in the water--there's also the Super Kayak Sail, made by the same company (Sailskating LLC). 

Super Kayak SailSuper Kayak Sail

These sails feature flexible poles that bend with the changing wind conditions. This ensures a smooth and safe ride. The poles on the Super Kayak Sail attach to your paddles, so you can paddle with ease when the sail isn't deployed. When you are using the sail, your paddles can be used as rudders to steer your kayak. 

Both of these sails come pre-assembled and folded up in its carrying bag, so all you have to do is pull out the sail and start riding. Both sails are lightweight, weighing in at 3.5 pounds, and can quickly be stowed in their carrying bags. 

Carrying The SailCarrying The Sail

If you enjoy the outdoors, one of these Super Sails may be a nice enhancement to your hobbies, and they won't break the bank. The Super Skate Sail is about $50 and the Super Kayak Sail is about $80. Check out Amazon for ordering information and more specs on the Super Skate Sail and Super Kayak Sail

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Jan 6, 2015
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