iSensor HD Uses Skype For Your Home Security

Bring the power of Skype’s 256-bit encryption into your home with the iSensor HD home security camera. Currently in the fundraising stage at Kickstarter, Amaryllo is showing a lot of promise with its iSensor HD and corresponding mobile app. Remotely control the camera, view live feeds, and upload footage to Google Cloud Storage.

Coming in slightly shorter than an iPhone 5, the iSensor is compact and its built-in motor and gears can be used and adjusted to get the perfect view on a room. Power is supplied to the iSensor by USB and can be plugged into any USB adapter and in turn, any outlet. You can also use a USB power bank and not be limited to outlets for home security. You will need a WiFi connection to upload live footage, obviously.

The iSensor’s gear system is used for more than just adjusting the camera during setup. Using Skype controls via messaging (L,R,etc) or the accompanying app, users can pan and rotate the camera remotely. Set it up to record and upload constantly, or to record on movement. If set to record on movement, you will get Skype notifications alerting you of motion within the camera’s field of view, along with a jpg image of the motion. The camera also includes a microphone so users will be able to pick up any sounds coming from intruders, children, etc. If you are unsure about the cloud storage, the iSensor also includes a 32gig MicroSD card.

The iSensor records in HD and looks to be a solid product for users looking for a high tech, easy to use option for home security camera systems. It will be interesting to see how the pan and rotate controls work, and how well the motion sensor works. Needing to be plugged into an outlet is somewhat of a disappointment, but hopefully the iSensor isn’t a resource hog and a USB power bank will be a viable option. The iSensor is going to run around $160 which is a little steep in price, but makes up for it with easy of use and accessibility. That price is for a single camera, if you are looking for a complete system there are better options

 Source: Amaryllo

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