Use this Human Mobile Phone When You're Calling Other Homo Sapiens

If you have ever wanted to feel closer to the people on the other end of the line then researchers from Japan must have been thinking about you when they developed the world's first ever human mobile phone. It's not only shaped and made to look like a human being, but it also has a skin-like outer layer that feels like, well, human skin.

The Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) issued a press release describing the gadget as a "revolutionary telecom medium." The press release also stated that the skin-like layer that covers the entire unit will make the mobile phone feel like the skin of the person that the user is talking to. In my opinion, this is kind of avante-garde in a strangely weird yet awesome way.

The photos of the prototype released to news agencies revealed that the phone is only slightly larger than a human hand. A closer look at the prototype shows a clear resemblance to the human physique but the details of the design are not very detailed so no one can really tell if it's a man or a woman. But I do think that it would be pretty cool (and quite an achievement) if these mobile phones will eventually be developed with specific genders.

The photo to the left shows ATR researcher Takashi Minato holding up a prototype of the human-shaped gadget. A speaker is installed into its the head while a light-emitting diode in the phone's chest flashes blue when the phone is in use and turns red when it is on standby.

The human mobile phone is actually a result of a joint project between major research institutions in Japan such as Osaka University and the country's premier mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo.

What the researchers do plan on doing is integrate extra features to the phone like image and voice recognition features with the hopes that they can put it in commercial production within a span of five years.

Source: Yahoo! News