Use Magic to Control Your TV

Are you sick and tired of pressing those tiny buttons on your TV remote?  Want a little more physical activity when changing the channel?  And most importantly, do you want to raise your kids to believe in magic?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be interested in this:

The Magic Wand Remote Control from KymeraThe Magic Wand Remote Control from Kymera

This nicely crafted "magical item" can control up to 13 different infrared codes (a.k.a. "change channel," "on/off," "volume," etc.) from your existing remotes.  These functions are then activated when you fling and swish the wand around.  As it is completely button-free, there's no other way to do it.

No, it won't help you read.No, it won't help you read.

Each function is assigned a different move of the wand.  For example "spins" control volume, while "big swishes" mute the volume entirely.  My first thought when noting this was how much practice it's going to take just to turn the television on.  A practice mode is provided to help you gain your magic skills.

It helps that the Wand pulses to confirm that you used a proper gesture-or to warn you of low batteries.  A sleep mode adds to battery life.

And it comes in this way cool box:

Ooooooo... purdy.Ooooooo... purdy.

What I find particularly fun about the Wand is that it can be used for a variety of infrared items-not just your TV:

Since I love screwin' with kid's heads, this is a must-have item for me.  They're so immersed in Harry Potter stuff that they wouldn't even question the IR technology used in the Wand.

It would simply be magic.

You can get your Magic Wand Remote Control at Firebox!

Apr 12, 2010
by admin2015
admin2015's picture

Make it a game controller

Couple this with built-in speech recognition, and it would make a great game controller!

Roger Simmons
Web Master

May 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Kymera! Great Product

i found it at quite expensive but a very cool gadget!