Use Your Local: UK Pubs Dispense Drinks And Parcels?

Believe it or not, the recession is affecting the number of visitors frequenting pubs and bars across London and the UK, or in the very least, the number of drinks that people have when they do make it through the door. In an effort to boost the business of these struggling establishments and send more customers stumbling on home, pubs across the UK and England are signing up to join the Use Your Local network which combines drink service with another type of product delivery.

Use Your LocalUse Your Local

Use Your Local turns local pubs and bars into parcel delivery spots. It encourages local drinkers to stop by the bars in their neighborhood for a drink at the same time as picking up their mail delivery services. Likewise, it's a great excuse to stop for a few tall and frothy ones, especially for those who need to explain their alcoholic escapes to a prying spouse since a trip to the pub can simply be equated with a trip to the post office!