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We bet you've run into this problem from time to time:  you're designing a presentation or writing a paper, and you can't find the right font that expresses your own creative personality.  If you only you had a font that was truly "you".  Well, now you can!  will help you create your own font using your very own handwriting, and it's really quite simple.

The site loads with a quick description of what does and what you can use it for.  Assuming you know what fonts are and how you can use them, we'll just skip right along to the part where it describes the font-generation process. uses a template that asks you write out parts of the alphabet in scannable squares, which are then uploaded to the site and converted into high-quality fonts.  The site claims to have "the most advanced raster to vector conversion algorithm", which basically just means that the scanned images are converted to the actual font super quick.

There are essentially seven steps to making your own font using this website, but we can summarize them for you to make it even simpler.  Once you go to the site, just  download the template forms and fill them out.  Scan and upload the images of your handwriting to, and you're basically done.  After the upload is completed, you can preview the font , and then download it.  In case you're a font novice, gives a brief explanation of how to install the font on your computer.

What's great about this site is that you can use it as much as you like, for free.  You can really get creative crossing your t's and dotting your i's and make as many different fonts as your imagination will allow.  Then end result will be that your typed presentations that will have a distinct and personal feel, which is always good for impressing the boss, or whoever you're typing to.

The drawback is that these fonts aren't necessarily useful in every aspect that fonts are useful.  Publishing them in a webpage will result in them appearing perfectly to your computer that has the font installed. But, if someone doesn't have the font installed and views your page, they won't see it at all.  You also run the risk of having formatting blunders if the font is a funny size.  Also, emails will not display these fonts to the receiver for the same reason.  Anyone who wants to see your font will have to install it themselves.

That being said, there aren't many other things cooler than having a font made of your own handwriting.  You can create images of your font to side step the display problems caused by using such a unique font (there's only one of you, after all), and if you're just printing your presentation or displaying it off your own computer, you should have no problems at all.  Hey, who knows?  Maybe your font will be so popular people all over the world will install it!  You'll be the next "Times New Roman"!

Austin Keenan
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Austin Keenan is a college student in NJ with a background in online writing. When not blogging or producing online media for his own website, he likes to watch online videos (high quality, of course) and kick back with a brew or two.
Feb 8, 2009
by Cosetta
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personalized fonts

This is cool, but if you had a handwriting ike mine, youw ould understand why it wouldn't work for me.

Well done.


Happy Patent,


Feb 22, 2009
by Anonymous

using Acrobat or other PDF creator

Adobe Acrobat allows using downloaded fonts to generate a printable font for creation of a pdf file. That way Acrobat can produce a PDF document created using which may be read by anyone using the universally used free Adobe Reader. Someone else wouldn't need to have your personal handwriting font set to read what you create using your own handwriting fonts. Maybe this could also be done using some of the low-cost or free PDF creator programs as long as they can work with soft fonts or downloadable fonts. What do you think?