Utilikilt: Skirt Styles Made For Real Men

Utilikilt is the answer for men who like the freedom of traditional kilts, but just don't find that they're practical for everyday use. It takes a real man to wear a skirt, and these are fashion designs with them in mind!

The Tuxedo SkirtThe Tuxedo Skirt

Utilikilt the company knows that Utilikilt the skirts aren't real kilts.  They're not made of wool, they don't have a tartan pattern, and none of the people fabricating them are Scottish. But for all those men who say that they don't need a Utilikilt, because they have the real thing at home, this brand says "well why aren't you wearing it". Then, with all of the reasons in mind that men don't wear their skirts on a day-to-day basis despite the freedom and comfort, they've created a line that they claim men will want to wear everyday!

The Workman's SkirtThe Workman's Skirt

The line of skirts for men made by Utilikilt come in styles for every occasion. "The Mocker" is suitable office wear, and gets its name because while it's made for men, it takes its influences from regular skirts, you know, the kind made for women. There is also the "Workman's Utility Kilt" , "The Survival" a take on the former designed with crocodile hunters in mind, and "The Tuxedo" special occasion kilt.

The Mocker SkirtThe Mocker Skirt

Utilikilt has also made about to create sizes that are true to nature. Measure your beltline and if it says you're a 36 waist, that's what you need to order, unlike with other fashion companies involved in the sizing conspiracy!

Are you man enough for a Utilikilt?


Oct 18, 2009
by Anonymous

nice skirts

but I am searching for formal or business and also fashionable skirts. Functional skirts as those I don't need so often.

Klaus from Germany
>a href="www.paarblitz.de">PaarBlitz.de

Dec 19, 2009
by Anonymous

I think Utilikilt is

I think Utilikilt is practical and comfortable, but costs more than casual kilt. Is expensive.

Klaus, kilt is a formal attire, Scottish businessmen wear kilts for formal occasions, You may wear it too. Watch and read about 'Tuxedo' or Mocker's Skirt.