Back to Basics: The Black and White Clock

 The ultimate minimal  'Black and White Clock'  has arrived in what might just be the coolest package ever -- its own perfectly naked digits.

No fancy frills here but with an ultra slick concept and design, this digital clock designed by Vadim Kibardin comes correct in its modern simplicity. 

Powered by lithium-ion accumulators, each digital polycarbonate figure is  independently lit by OLEDs, with each digit affixing to the mounting surface separately.  A touch-sensitive system sets the time settings and mode.

So, the idea of bare bones digital numerics is pretty nifty, yes.  But the real show stopper here is a light sensor that kicks in to activate 'invert mode', a mode which switches the numerals from black to white once day turns to night. Now, that's just downright bad.

RIght now, this lovely little design is only waiting on a manufacturer to put it into production, which, with its inherent coolness, can't be that far off.

KibardinDesign via NOTCOT

Jul 10, 2009
by Anonymous


How do you recharge the lithium-ion accumulators?