Utterly Composed: The Composition Chair

In a remarkable display of patience and attention to detail, Japanese designer Kouichi Okamoto of Kyouei Design handcrafted the Composition Chair, a seat composed entirely of bent aluminum. 


 Utterly Composed: The Composition ChairUtterly Composed: The Composition Chair


Each piece was painstakingly crossed and bent using only a jig and a pair of pliers, and was then layered upon each other to eventually form a crosshatched, painful looking seat.


If this piece of artistry is something you find jaw-dropping or awe inspiring, just keep in mind that this is from the same design house that brought you the uber-cool Mobile Light,  a solar-powered LED mobile light source, as well as the very eyebrow raising Plaster Lamp, whose "lampshade" essentially took the shape of a leg molded from a plaster cast, propped up on an upide down crutch.  Bizarre?  A wee bit, yes.  So this Composition Chair should come as no surprise, then, as the latest product in this lineage of Japanese design experimentation.

My guess is that it probably won't go into production. Anyone with me?  

Kyouei Design via The Contemporist

May 21, 2009
by Anonymous

Au contraire...but maybe he has mad ninja pliers skills?

Those chairs are pretty common when it comes to cleaning aquariums or training dolphins, this one is just more suitable for people who want harder furniture after their pilates binge.