Undress Me Mugs: Caffeine And Nudity to Start Your Day!

If you have always wanted to wake up next to a naked man or woman without granting any special time, attention or money to the situation, Undress Me Mugs from J-Me Design will give you the chance to do so while supping on your morning coffee. Whatever your persuasion or taste, you can find your naked preference in these unique and innovative Undress Me Mugs.


Undress me Mug MaleUndress me Mug Male


How do Undress Me Mugs work?

J-Me’s innovative design house created these stoneware Undress Me Mugs, which contain a tasteful picture of either a naked man or woman on the inside. The more coffee you drink, the more you see of the naked vision offered by the Undress Me Mug. Like all of the products from J-Me Design, the Undress Me Mug takes an every day product and adds an innovative, fun and in this case, naked, twist.

Undress Me Mugs As Novelty Gifts

For a mere $14.95, you can bring a smile to your own lips or to those of a co-worker. (You might want to give the Undress Me Mug anonymously if you fear reprisals of the naked kind.) Still, a twinkle is sure to arise even in the most prudish eye at the sight of Undress Me Mug’s naked hunks and ladies revealing a bit more of themselves with each sip of morning java.

This and other zany products from J-Me Design reflect their undying quest to create intriguing products and prevent the “routine that kills the mind.”

Open yours with an Undress Me Mug from J-Me Design today!

Happy coffee and…whatever.

Undress Me MugUndress Me Mug