Vacation Like The Pioneers At Feather Down Farms

Forget modern vacations with all of the modern conveniences of in-room beverage dispensers, room service, and on-location spas, and escape to a vacation that lets you live as the pioneers did in days gone by at this unique UK vacation spot.

Feather Down Farms takes you back to a day without Blackberries constantly vibrating, phones ringing, and WIFI access that makes sure you're never without your email; for some that may sound terrifying, but for others it's a vacation made in heaven. When visiting Feather Down Farms for a unique family vacation, you can stay in a farm tent reflective of a rural lifestyle, before electricity and all of the modern conveniences. The tent is equipped with a wood burning stove for heat and meal preparation, and fuel is provided on-site.

To help visitors live through their stay the only fashioned way, Feather Down Farms has a variety of "stores" where guests can pick up the necessities of daily living. The ‘Honesty Shop' carries fresh produced, grown on location in the farm using traditional methods, and the Henhouse allows guests to pick up freshly laid eggs for baking and breakfast. For entertainment there's a wood-fired traditional oven for baking fresh bred, bike rentals to get around the grounds, and a paddock full a livestock ready for attention.

For those looking for a unique vacation experience, Feather Down Farms will deliver a memorable vacation; but if you're looking for luxury, this just might not be it!

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Jul 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Should bring this to the US & Canada & Mexico

Imagine a Pioneer/Western Orig Vacation in:
New Mexico
So CA Mojave desert
Lake Tahoe CA area
Yukon Prov Canada
& sample Old style Country living.

& for Mexico, sample Village life in replicated village from 1860s-1915 era?
& sample fresh Mexican fare etc.

Mexico problems:
Corrupt Govt
drug wars
border wars
acess to realty for in Mexico
codes,laws for.
local cultures.

Otherwise Id be neat to sample Ranch & Farm life in the US.

Expand this venue.