VACO Autofit Helmet Automatically Sculpts Around Your Dome

It's pretty clear that a piece of sports equipment that spins off on technology from the medical industry is going to be high-end. The VACO Autofit helmet is no slouch in this department.

German company VACO Technology is teaming with snow sports manufacturer Amplid to create this unique helmet that automatically conforms to the shape of your head. It uses a vacuum cushion that releases air when you put the helmet on your head, making for a snug, form-molding fit. When you pull the helmet off, the air refills inside through a two-way valve, thus allowing the helmet to be refitted like new the next time you (or someone else) uses it.

The helmet uses tiny polystrene beads fitted within the air pocket to evenly distribute impact from a crash, helping to eliminate pressure points and better protect your most valuable body part. The force of the impact is pushed outward rather than in toward your head.

Considering that you could spend a small eternity fitting a ski helmet just right, this should be an attractive alternative. It also appears to offer superior protection. We'd have to give it a full test to know for sure, but it definitely looks like an innovative product.

The Amplid snow helmet that features this technology is expected to hit the market in time for next ski season. 

 Via: The GearCaster