Va-J-J Visor: Because There Should Be Equality In Personal Protection!

Throughout history certain items have been designed specifically to keep men's favorite body parts in working order during at-risk activities. Well, don't women's assets deserve the same love and care as well? Ask the creator of one protective item that you wear down there and the answer is yes.

Va-J-J VisorVa-J-J Visor

It's no joke; the Va-J-J visor is designed to protect women during sensitive activities. Men may need protection from impact, hence the wearing of jock straps; but women need a different sort of cover.

To shield sensitive areas during hair removal and tanning, the Va-J-J visor goes exactly where it's required. A needed product? Perhaps not. But I'm all about equality; if men have wearable items to protect their goods, women deserve that attention too!