Valentine's Day Activities: 10 Unique and Romantic Businesses Sure To Impress

Celebrate the upcoming holiday with your Valentine, with activities supplied by businesses across the globe that are sure to impress and make the day one to remember. Whether your ideal Valentine's Day is made up of activities that are unique or romantic, there's a great idea here for you.

10. Hit the Tees with your Valentine, and if it's fitness you're into, look forward to 2010 when the first Canadian walker's only golf course opens up its greens. Or travel to Korea and engage in an invigorating round of jogging golf.

9. Indulge at a Tasting Bar. Take your Valentine to Pomme Bebe in Newport Beach, California, an organic tasting bar for infants and toddlers. Be sure to take a doggy bag so your little one can enjoy his or her favorite meals at home. Who said there was an age minimum for a Valentine?

8. Treat Your Valentine to Luxury Accommodations.  Since there's no age criteria for Valentines, who said species needs to be a consideration either? If your Valentine is your favorite furry friend, send them to stay in the lap of luxury at Mazzu's Pet Hotel in Philadelphia. Felines and canines alike are welcome, and can stay in private rooms fully equipped with beds, televisions and animal friendly DVDs. Mazzu's services also include spa pampering, endless affection, and at least 3 walks per day.

7. Pink Flamingo Pizza is in the city of romance and offers a unique service that allows diners to picnic on the bank of the Seine or another ideal city location. Typically pizza delivery isn't associated with romance, but what could be better than enjoying a unique pizza on location in Paris, while holding a pink helium balloon to allow the delivery person to locate you and your lover boy or girl.

6. Take your child or partner to Bulldog Interactive Fitness on Valentine's Day to combine fitness with fun and video gaming. It's a family gym environment that incorporates fitness into the lives of even the non-enthusiasts through its use of interactive video games that promote physical motion.

 5. Sarah's Smash Shack in San Diego provides a unique way to bond with your Valentine this year, by providing a safe environment to obliterate inanimate objects that don't belong to you. Great for a stress relief or a laugh and letting you celebrate the season in a memorable way. Sarah's Smash Shack is especially recommended for those who do not believe in the consumerism of the holiday looking to release their frustrations.


  4. Celeb 4 a Day makes it possible to feel like glamorous celebrities. If you've always wanted to feel like Brangelina or Tomkat, do it this Valentine's Day by using their services to you can be chased into clubs by paparazzi with cameras flashing while heads turn as your names are yelled.

3. Flavor Lab in Germany sets the perfect ambiance for a romantic meal, and is great for those who like to experiment with different culinary flavors. On Valentine's Day, dine with a loved one and order their ready-to-eat meals and flavor your foods to taste with olive oils infused with papaya, coffee or coconut.

2. Dinner in the Sky offers the ultimate dining experience worldwide by suspending a 22 seat table on a platform hundreds of feet in the air. It's a pay-per-use kind of thing, so while naturally you could spend time having a meal with your spouse or partner for Valentine's Day way up in the air, it will cost you, especially since catering costs extra.


1. Have a Space Wedding. Could there be anything more romantic to celebrate Valentine's Day than that? Okay, so launches aren't set to start until 2011, but this year you can reserve your spot to travel an altitude of more than 100 kilometers into space on a Rocketplane Kistler space vessel. Working with wedding planner First Advantage, the journey takes 1 hour with the bride and groom aboard, with a live video stream being broadcasted to their relatives on earth. For a mere 240 million Yen (about $2.2 million USD) the happy couple gets a photo and video album, an original dress, an officiated ceremony, accommodations and transportation to and from the launch, as well as the space journey.

Jan 29, 2009
by Toby
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Sarah's Smash Shack

Looks like the best place to vent these days! What a great idea~~

Jan 29, 2009
by Ron Callari

Dinner in the sky

Curious as how one excuses himself to go to the restoom! Undecided


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Jan 29, 2009
by Cosetta
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cool ideas

Very interesting ideas here, Beth.

Cool post. 




Jan 29, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Ron,  Interesting


 Interesting question, I wondered the same thing and found my answer. They say you simply ask the waiter to point you in the right direction, as you would at any other restaurant, and then they promptly take the one minute journey back to ground level. There's certainly no subtelty when it comes to dining in the sky.

Beth Hodgson
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