A Valentine’s Day Gift That Will Grow On Your Sweetheart Or Maybe Not

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Some people like fancy jewelry. Some people like plants. So, what does one get a person that loves both for Valentine's Day? You could get her the same old unsustainable diamond ring and a bouquet of flowers or you could prove to her that your love for her is green and always growing with a growing ring.

The Growing Ring is a ring designed by Haffsteinn Juliusson with a plant in place of a stone. Haffsteinn Juliusson designed it, "for people in metropolitan areas" to take a little it of "greenery" with them everywhere they go. The ring mold is silver and it comes in two designs: rectangular or round.

With this ring she can take your love and a little bit of Mother Nature everywhere she goes. With a bit of care (no need to prune because the plant inside is a slow growing moss) and spritz watering the plant could last up to six months. There is no information on whether the plant can be replaced with a new plant after it dies, but at $229.00 per ring, let's hope so.

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Feb 12, 2010
by Toby
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This is so cool!

How clever!  Good find, Gloria!