Valentines Jewelry: Engagement Rings Sold With A Honeymoon On The Side!

In a period of economic downturn, businesses have got to do what they've got to do in order to make people spend money, particularly when their niche is one that people can take or leave when they're pinching pennies. While some women might not agree that jewelry falls into this category, there's one business that's not taking any chances with a unique business plan!

Engagement DiamondEngagement Diamond

The Virginia jewelry store, Valentines Jewelry has taken drastic measures to ensure that the recession doesn't affect their sales of diamonds, giving away cruise vacations to all who dare to purchase one of their participating diamonds. For those in the market for an engagement ring, a side of honeymoon up for grabs is a major selling point; although a quickie wedding is a must since the certificates for the one week Caribbean cruises must be used within 1 year of receipt.

Valentines Jewelry offers an affordable way for people to get their bling and their dream vacation since all diamond jewelry that's at least 0.6 of a carat and 14 karat gold or higher automatically earns them the chance to start packing their bags to set sail!