Valmet Automotive to Debut Hybrid As "Technological Showcase "

Even though Hybrid powertrain developments have been dominating the spotlight for quite some time, we are still suckers for in-car technology and will never miss an opportunity to check out something new. This time however, thanks to the new Valmet Eva Concept, we can enjoy both at once.

The Eva, being developed by Finland Based Valmet Automotive, will be a "technological showcase" according to the designers. The body and frame are both constructed using lightweight materials and the advanced propulsion system is said to be good for 100 miles between charges. The automaker has yet to offer specifics about the powertrain they plan on using.

Valmet EvaValmet Eva

Up to four people can be seated in the Eva, with the possibility of a small 5th passenger likely. The real story however is the "Human Machine Interface" being developed by Nokia. As one would expect, the details around this new system are few, but it's safe to assume it will be more impressive than out everyday Blue-Tooth.

Expect to see the Eva at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show where additional details will be released.

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