Valve Wants To Integrate 3D Graphics Utility Blender into Steam

According to Reddit user Two-Tone-, Valve's got its eye on Blender. Yesterday, the studio sent out an email to the Bf-commiters mailing list detailing its plans for the 3D modeling software. Initially, Valve's just looking to distribute the tool through Steam. Eventually, however, it hopes for bigger things - much bigger. 

If there are any modders currently in the audience, I've some very good news for you. 

"What we are currently looking at is offering," wrote Valve's Jan-Peter Ewert, "is a completely vanilla version of Blender as a free download on Steam that is completely the same as that offered on other websites. We'd hope that this will get enough of our users exposed to and interested in Blender so they will be inclined to work on Blender plugins that would talk to Steam's backend services such as Workshop."


"This is something that we think would be a cool feature for Blender to tap into.  Like modeling a sword in Blender, pushing a button and having it available to all users of Skyrim. But we bet there are more creative ideas out there than this one."

Cool indeed. Basically, Valve is once more actively reaching out to both the modding community and the development community by providing players with a powerful tool that can be used in the creation of new content for the Workshop.  That Valve affords so much legitimacy to modding as a hobby also speaks to its value both from a business perspective and as a potential byway into game development. 

"Valve is a company that is built on modding," explained Ewert.  "The original Half-Life was built on a modified version of the Quake engine. All our major games since then started out as mods which we found cool, hired the people who built them and released them as major game titles. This is true for Counter-Strike, the original Team Fortress, Day of Defeat and DOTA 2 (Portal was not technically a mod but a student project - but you see the pattern)."

"Similarly," he continued, "one of the most successful features of our Steam platform is the Steam Workshop, which is an interface for users to share, discover and install mods for their games. Essentially, you can publish your mod there and other gamers can bring your mod into their games with a single mouse click."

Visit Blender's official website here.