Vanhawks Valour: A Pedal-Powered High-Tech Connected Bike

The innovative Vanhawks Valour is a high-tech connected bike with a surprisingly low-tech power source: its rider. The stylish two-wheeler is anything but primitive, however. The stealthy carbon fiber frame features built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and a host of safety sensors that interact with a companion app.

Conceived by a team of young designers and engineers headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the Vanhawks Valour exists only as an initial prototype at the moment. All necessary molding and tooling is ready for commercial production, however, and once the project meets its stated Kickstarter goals – pretty much a certainty at press time – Vanhawks will advise its partners in China, Germany and Pakistan to begin cranking out parts and components. Assembly will be done in Toronto, as will shipping to customers.

As mentioned, the Vanhawks Valour is human-powered but let's elaborate on that a little. While riders are responsible for getting the bike up to speed, a dynamo integrated into the front wheel hub works to charges the onboard electronics and sensors.

The latter include an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a speed sensor. Working through an Android, iPhone or Pebble app, the sensors allow the rider to measure and monitor crucial metrics such as calories burned, distance traveled, and best times to name just a few.

Engineering-wise, the Valour's carbon fiber frame weighs just 16 lbs or 7.25 kg. The frame tubes are constructed with an internal wall structure based on the same biological principles that give our bones their strength. An ergonomic saddle, pedals and grips also contribute to riders feeling the bike is an extension of themselves.

The Vanhawks Valour project page at Kickstarter has achieved over 85% of its funding goal a mere TWO DAYS into its 30-day window, indicating the project has sparked real and ongoing excitement among the cycling community.

As “the first connected bike featuring performance tracking, security sensors & interactive feedback to radically change the way you ride,” The Vanhawks Valour is breaking new ground while keeping it real – not to mention practical and affordable – for the bulk of the biking public. (via Gizmag and Uncrate)