Vapourlites -- The Safer Way To Smoke?

I was a smoker for several years.  I eventually gave it up due to an odd habit that I have of thinking with my fingers over my mouth and nose.  The smell-rather like a flesh ashtray-was just nasty.  That and my finger tips were yellow.

While smokers that I know relish this aroma, I just couldn't take it.  I quit, went through some days of being a complete jerk due to nicotine withdrawal, then evened out.

But I have to admit that electronic cigarettes have a certain appeal for me. And Vapourlites look like one of the more interesting options in electronic cigarettes.

To get an idea about how an electronic cigarette works, let's establish the benefits first-then get into the design aspects.

The benefits of an electronic cigarette over a tobacco filled standard cigarette are easy to see:

  • No tar
  • No tobacco
  • No ash (hence no smoke)
  • No odor
  • No yellow stains on fingers
  • No carbon monoxide emissions

Okay, now to me that's already enough info to turn me away from standard cigarettes.  But get this-these things are 80% cheaper.  And with ciggies being the price that they are today, that's a significant difference in cost.

There is also some discussion among fans of electronic cigarettes that they can even help you stop smoking. A recent study concluded that electornic cigarettes  can be used like nicotine patches to help manage nicotine withdrawal.

There are two different types.  One is simply a disposable unit.  The other is rechargeable and made up of two parts: the cartomizer and the battery.  Essentially the battery powers a tiny element in the cartomizer that vaporizes a small solution of nicotine.  You simply inhale, just like you would with a normal cigarette.  A LED light glows to show you that it's working, and when you exhale it isn't smoke-it's just odorless water vapor.  There are multiple flavors available, including vanilla, cherry, and menthol.

The best way to approach this product (if you've not had it) is to get a starter kit.

VL1T Tobacco Stoptober Starter KitVL1T Tobacco Stoptober Starter Kit

It goes for (at the time of this writing) about $16.00 and includes the equivalent of 40 cigarettes and a USB charging cord.

And if that works for ya, then there's this:

VL4T Tobacco Mega KitVL4T Tobacco Mega Kit

This is the grand master of Vapourlite products.  It consists of 10 packs of 5 cartomizers (which equals 2040 regular tobacco cigarettes), 2 batteries, and an USB charger.

Both of these items come with options of the strength of nicotine: 20mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg, and 0mg.

To me, this product is a no-brainer for smokers. And for those trying to stop smoking cigarettes. No more sitting in the glass cages at work or in airports.  No more offending non-smokers with clouds of smelly exhales.  It's cost-effective, comes in a variety of selections, and even has cool cases to carry them in the pocket of a jacket.

This short video will give you a detailed rundown on Vapourlites:


It's like the James Bond of cigarettes...

To get your Vapourlite click here!

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