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For an entrepreneur starting a small business, their life quickly becomes consumed by marketing their new idea to get it off the ground. tries to ease the startup process; it provides resources, allows them to post their 3-minute video pitches online and creates networking opportunities. believes that a business pitch should take no more time than the average length of an elevator ride; approximately 3 minutes and teaches its users how to effectively get their message across. Users can post their pitches, brainstorming ideas and other business information as videos, PDFs or images. Their profiles are categorized based as business type, so another user group, the Investors, can easily browse through the directory of new businesses looking for support. With their check books ready, of course, for those that strike their fancy.'s comprehensive business directory includes Aerospace through Telecommunications/Wireless and everything in between, with new businesses prominently featured. really seems to believe in helping small businesses, but knowing that they can't reach everyone, they offer competitions geared towards industry specific companies. The prizes? Tips from industry experts to build your small business, and assistance with exposure. Currently, two major competitions are in progress; the College Mogul and challenge which aims to find the next best college startup company. Whichever business earns that title will certainly have a good helping hand for their startup; with prizes like an introduction to venture capitalists for potential investment, press coverage on the websites, and prominent web advertising. The second is looking for the best business plan for a wine related business.

They also offer a news section, where investors and business owners can post approved videos to provide business tips and interviews that touch upon just about anything a small business owner could ever need to know. is free to join, so if you are an aspiring entrepreneur signup to take advantage of their extensive resources and start using their networking opportunities to network and bring exposure to your business. Who knows, maybe your business concept will be the next great idea to catch the eye of a big investor.

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Nov 26, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Thank you for that, I

 Thank you for that, I will make the correction!

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