Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves Have Grate A Peel

Who likes peeling vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and parsnips? Anyone? Bueller? OK, we all agree this facet of veggie preparation can be a pain, sometimes literally when the knife or peeler you're using inevitably slips. What to do?

A Japanese company called Aimedia has got it covered, or "glovered" to coin a word. Big, bold and pink (which may cause kitchen decor issues), these are rubber gloves on steroids. The palms are faced with myriads of stiff projections that gently but efficiently remove the skins from root vegetables commonly used in Japanese home cooking: taro (sato imo), burdock root (gobo) and others besides the more familiar ones mentioned above.

Besides taking sharp metal implements out of the equation, using these gloves allows the cook to better control the depth of peeling: you'll get more veggies on the plate and less in the trash! Aimedia calls them "Scalping Gloves" by the way; keep that in mind before you take them into the shower with you unless you're into channeling Britney Spears on a really bad hair day.     

So put down that knife and back away from the kitchen sink... put on some Scalping Gloves and rub out a few spuds instead. Just 480 yen (about $5.80) per pair and one size fits all.  UPDATE: You can now also find Vegetable Peeling Gloves in the US here.  

(via Impress Watch)

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Oct 21, 2010
by Spencer Lanoue

pretty convenient

I always wonder why people bother with peeling potatoes.. it's a pain in the butt and the skin has all the fiber in it anyways.