Vegetarian Fashion: PETA’s Lettuce Ladies Promote Strange, Edible Lettuce Bikini

Recently I introduced you to the bacon bra; edible fashion created in jest of men's loves of bacon and breasts. It's not quite lingerie, but PETA has created a comparable, sexy edible fashion for vegetarians; the lettuce bikini.

As part of PETA's Lettuce Lady Campaign, vegetarians and PETA supporters like Elizabeth Berkley (think Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell, more glam and adorned in greens; a big step up from 80's fashion on the show) are allowing themselves to be adorned in lettuce and photographed for PETA's vegetarian media campaigns and making appearances at PETA events. The vegetarian alternative to the bacon bra is fashionable, non-greasy and reminiscent of Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Anyone looking to promote vegetarianism can make their own lettuce bikini at home to get in on the natural fashion. Step by step instructions to create this strange lettuce bikini are available on the lettuce lady website and should be designed only once you're ready to wear it. All you need to create your own unique bikini from lettuce is romance lettuce, which is preferred because of its large leaves for covering your boobs and bum which are sturdy with a stylish texture; thread, ribbon and anything else you'd like to use to decorate your bikini salad. PETA's lettuce bikini recipe doesn't limit your design creativity either; you can make your edible swimwear as sexy or modest as you're comfortable with.

Unlike the bacon bra, which turns from raw to cooked in the sun; the lettuce bikini should be kept from direct sunlight otherwise it will wilt and leave you overly exposed to the elements. It is however the perfect, vegetarian fashion for an afternoon pool party. The lettuce bikini will remain crisp, and once you're ready for a light summer snack, it can be turned into a fresh summer salad.

Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous


i am SOOOOO gonna carry a bottle of ranch dressing with me next time i go to the beach!!!! anybody know where i can find these vegetarians?!?!?! because i could deff toss their salads! lol
jokes asside though, this is a worthey cause and i loved the article.

Mar 17, 2009
by Fashion Finds
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 Thank you! As a vegetarian

 Thank you! As a vegetarian myself, I think it's a neat way to promote a great cause! And it's a fun fashion ideal for light-hearted mockery Cool

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