Veil Coating Turns Your Car Into a Stealth Vehicle

Howdy!  As those of you who have followed my blog know, I generally write about toys.

I have been asked by the "Powers-That-Be" to look into some cool spy stuff-quite probably because spy stuff can be considered toys... though not the kind you want little Bobby playing with.

I'm gonna kick off the inaugural 007 blog with something that I thought was really cool: Veil Anti-Laser Stealth Coating.

Basically, Veil Coating eliminates the infrared laser light reflection that speed guns use to calculate your speed.  It coats all physical external parts of the vehicle, from hood to trunk, including headlights, parking lights, fog lights... even the license place.  When treated with Veil, these areas of the car appear black to the speed gun-regardless of what color your vehicle actually is.

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One can (5.5 ounces) contains eight-to-ten applications.  It comes with two brushes-one foam and one nylon-for getting all of those hard-to-reach areas.  

The key to this product's viability is how you use it.  It is designed more as a support system for radar detectors.  While it doesn't turn your car invisible (as with James Bond's Astin Martin in "Die Another Day"), it does mask it to a certain degree.  Tests have revealed that the coating can reduce the laser-radar gun range down to less than 500 feet-a reduction in targeting range of about 73%.  This allows you additional time to react when popped by a speed trap-thus saving him/her the cost of a ticket.

Now, I'm not by any means an advocate of speeding.  But I defy anyone to tell me that they've never gone over the speed limit-either on purpose or by accident.  I have collected my share of speeding tickets (as well as obscure tickets, such as one for walking across railroad tracks.  When I asked the officer where I was supposed to walk, he pointed into the middle of the traffic-congested road-and he wasn't kidding.  Ridiculous).  I have no love for the mundane activities that these poor officers have to perform, and admire them for their bravery and for the protection they provide idiots such as myself.

But sometimes you have an emergency (or you just don't know the speed limit in a given area, so safely go around 30 MPH-only to find out $200 later that the speed was an obscure 20 MPH).  And when the officer doesn't listen to you as you attempt to explain that you couldn't find a speed limit sign, then blandly gives you a ticket... well, that's when I have to say kudos to the inventors of Veil.  And yes, that happened to me.

Veil Anti-Laser Stealth Coating contains enough "stealth" applications to rate it as an item of use to spies (or would-be spies that are racing to the market to get diapers before little Tony explodes all over the car seat again).

This item can be found at Amazon and at BuyRadarDetectors.

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