Velowland Partners With Bicycle Manufacturers To Create Uniquely Designed Bikes

The guys at Velowland have a unique approach to building bicycles--delivering "purity incarnate on wheels." They partner with other bicycle design and manufacturing companies to create minimalistic and beautiful bicycles, each with their own distinct flare. Check out the bikes they've built with their partners, Viks, KrupisVello, Tratar and Bellitanner.

Viks CarbonViks Carbon

Velowland Vision

The guys at Velowland, and there are only three of them, want to create eye-catching bicycles. They want to deliver the "ultimate biking sensation; purity incarnate on wheels." Their designs incorporate wood grain and metal coatings, sleek and exaggerated lines and plain old style to give the owner and rider a pleasurable and exciting biking experience. 

Sjoerd Linde is the CEO of Velowland. He has combined his dream of creating unique fixies with Frank Everhardus's ability to make pretty much anything look like it was made of wood. And then comes a bit or design rationale and the "finishing touch" from Oscar Linde, and you get some beautiful bikes from this company. Velowland is all about collaboration. They connect with other cycling specialists, shops, artists, designers and creative minds to build their eye-catching bikes. 



To build their first project, the Velowland team partnered with Viks to create the WOODaLIKE (pictured above). The WOODaLIKE is a beautiful urban commuter, built in 2014, that incorporates a wood grain technique used in renovating monumental buildings. 

The Viks and Velowland team used this technique on the bike's frame, rims, saddle and handlebars, so that the entire bike looks like it was made of wood (of course it's not, hence the name WOOD-"aLIKE"). The white tires and leather racing saddle give the bike an added bit of flare. 

Viks AnniveloversaryViks Anniveloversary

The Viks Anniveloversary is another unique design from the Viks/Velowland collaboration. This bike was built to celebrate the very first birthday of the bike. The one-off frame of this bike flexes a bit and makes the ride more comfortable than a normal fixie ride. The designers of this bike used a "bomber" paint job, with black details and a gray finish, inspired by old fighter jets.

Other Viks designs include the Viks Carbon, a sleek, dark bike, the Viks raw, a modern metallic design and the Viks for Paul Smith, a hip, sporty ride. You can check all of these designs out on the Viks site


Krupisvello 1920SSKrupisvello 1920SS

Sculptor and designer Andris Teresko, who works with metal as an art medium, runs the KrupisVello workshop in Latvia. Teresko's goal is to make a bike frame that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for the customer. 

Most of the KrupisVello frames are inspired by bicycles of the 1920's and 1930's, like the 1920 SS you see above. The frames come in three sizes, in various colors and in SS versions. They are made of sturdy steel and stainless steel.

Krupisvello 1930Krupisvello 1930

Keeping the customer in mind is an important part of the KrupisVello model, so you'll see some of their frames with a modern touch or two, like the 1930 frame above, with its sporty, thick-rimmed wheels and flashy yellow seat. Teresko keeps the client's character in mind when designing bicycles. 

Check out more KrupisVello bikes on their website.


Tratar BikesTratar Bikes

The guys at Velowland like their wood grain finish, so it's no wonder that they would partner with Tratar Bikes. The crew at Tratar Bikes has taken the wood grain look a step further and have created the first handmade wooden monocoque bicycle frames. They believe that riding a bike is more than getting to your destination, but should include an appreciation of the journey.

The Tratar Bikes crew has over 10 years of experience under their belts, so have created, over those 10 years, a frame that is optimal in its wood to metal proportions. The wood has been carefully selected from ash and oaks from Slovenia. Their process of creating bike frames, from selection to finished product, leads to a light weight, durable and luxurious ride.

Creating A Tratar BikeCreating A Tratar Bike

Their monocoque process is very similar to the carbon fiber monocoque process. This process minimizes the number of bike frame parts and potential weak spots, so a material like wood, which is weaker than a material like steel, is able to hold up under rough conditions and still give a smooth ride.

Not only will you be getting a smooth ride on a Tratar Bike, you will ride in style and leave a very small environmental footprint. The use of wood and the monocoque process leaves the lightest environmental footprint possible. 

You can find out more about Tratar Bikes on their site, or visit their Kickstarter campaign for an even more detailed picture of their bike making process. 


Bellitanner LDY CabBellitanner LDY Cab

The Bellitanner Bikes are the epitome of urban design. The Bellitanner team prides itself on manufacturing bikes of the highest quality possible. They rely solely on the best materials from the top manufacturers, and they partner with the best around, like Velowland (other partners include Shimano, Spinergy and Ritchey).

They have several bike designs. The LDY Cab bike, pictured above, was designed with women and children in mind. The design lends itself to a smaller body, and the geometry of the bike ensures more agility and stability in urban areas.

Bellitanner New York ClassicBellitanner New York Classic

Other Bellitanner designs, like the New York Classic (pictured above) and the NY Cab draw their inspiration from cities that the bike is designed for. The New York Classic is a brilliant coupe design with steel fixies. It is a light weight bike that epitomizes New York style.

Bellitanner also has a Berlin design and a Hamburg design, which draw inspiration from those cities. And they do E-bikes as well. You can check out the Bellitanner site for more of their stylish and functional designs. 

As you can see, Velowland and its partners have put out a range of beautiful bicycles that offer a smooth and sturdy ride through urban areas and also a luxurious riding experience. If you want that--a combination of style and function--you should definitely check out what Velowland (and partners) have to offer.